vanitypress 2.0

The Web page was the first vanity press, imho. As one of the folks with an early presence complete with pet photo, my expectations and practices were not what any myspace user would find familiar.

First, I never posted a photo of myself. I already got too much of the wrong kind of attention, and didn’t want to encourage more. Kinda like what a more discriminating editor would have done before issuing an RFP for blasphemous cartoons, but I digress…

I did post a photo of my dog.

I did expect to be a needle in a haystack, even if the initial haystack was small. Photos of myself, of course, would mean that my needle would be about as subtle as the Space Needle in a haystack.

Now (ok, for at least 4 years) there’s the self-named blogosphere, and it seems as though anything goes. Perhaps having more women on the Web whose careers do not involve mass marketing of their gyn exam photos has changed some of this, but there is this confessional aspect that is a bit awkward. I see parallels also with the US phenom of talk radio and confessional TV – no listening all talk. Maybe it’s because I have no comments.


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