Gimme some kinda sign, girl

Years of travel to new cities has forced me to come up with ways to evaluate restaurants for the likelihood of good food and no vegetarian antipathy. I have a theory which has been successfully applied in places as diverse as Custer, SD, and most recently, Mandelieu La Napoule. I always look for the font used in the signage, along with any artistic embellishments in signage.

Last week, we hit the jackpot with a restaurant called “La Pomme d’amour” (the love apple is a synonym for a tomato). It was a challenge to my usual theory, as it had two signs (a gorgeous one over the door, a forgettable shingle on the perpendicular), and menus illustrated with clearly uncharming cartoon fish and no specific veggie items. But the transom sign was utterly beautiful – some sort of metal work that created letters with the same delicacy and irregular borders of letters written with a fountain pen on thirsty paper.

It was the best food I had all week. Of particular note was the coffee ice cream with espresso-chocolate bits. Perfect texture, and capable of keeping one awake for hours.


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