3 hours and counting….

The entry of La Bauta is spotlit garish red, and the Mandelieu locals line up starting at midnight. At 2am, the music changes from 70’s era disco to Gasolina, Gasolina, then some new madonna that brings back the best of the 70’s era disco vibe. I’ve spent the week away from home in France, missing my son and husband, and consoling myself with slices of tropezienne inbetween 3 squares. I’ll post some food and culchah observations after I land.


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2 responses to “3 hours and counting….

  1. I love your blog!
    Maybe you’d like mine.
    Would you like some hummas with that lentil casserole you are eating?

  2. Hummus… mmmm. 20 years ago, I saw hummus made for the first time by a friend’s mother. It was incredible! Tahini is a mysterious thing.

    My kitchen is deliberately agnostic, save for the notion that true communion (in this case, at the table) is where we can find the Divine.

    Please write some more at your blog. It is engaging writing.



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