Pull up a chair and make yourself at home

When I’m away from the keyboard, I gravitate towards things not immediately associated with bits. Atoms! Atoms! (there’s a lifelong battle at home with Mr. Bits.) If only our kitchen were a little larger, I’d probably set up my desk and speakerphone right there. That’s what wireless was made for, right?

Twelve years ago, Anne Salemme and I were brainstorming about ways to merge good cooking with the Web, or with IT in general. The “Cookin’ and Computin’ ” pilot for Somerville Cable Access Television never quite materialized, but it was a hoot imagining our guests and the test kitchen rap session.

Nine years ago, I proposed a content module for my then employer (beware the pop-ups) called The Kitchenette, which had general references for the bare bones beginner’s kitchen. Not long after I left, my former workplace was acquired. A year or so after that, the acquirer was acquired. Other than the announcement itself, the online content is gone.

Ultimately, what we were after was a friendly place for geeks who like cooking, and don’t feel the need to compete with others.

Now, thanks to charming and relentless pressure from Tantek at the W3C Technical plenary this week, I decided to take my love of good food to the blogosphere.
So pull up a chair and make yourself at home; you’re at the kitchen table.

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