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breakfast, lunch and dinner date

Since we moved into our temporary studio apartment and Henrik started his new job, Benjamin and I have had many more meals together as a couple, and most of those are in restaurants. I’ve noticed a surprising amount of decent and/or pricey places which have high-chairs on hand. We go to a few places fairly regularly, including ones either designed for kids (Red Robin) or kid-tolerant, provided you know when to leave.

Which you learn.

Needless to say, Ben is a great dinner companion. He will try anything and chew almost anything. He likes strong flavors and tactile foods. He shares. He usually charms the wait staff. And I get a big kiss and hug at the end of the meal.

I can’t wait to take him to France.

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vanitypress 2.0

The Web page was the first vanity press, imho. As one of the folks with an early presence complete with pet photo, my expectations and practices were not what any myspace user would find familiar.

First, I never posted a photo of myself. I already got too much of the wrong kind of attention, and didn’t want to encourage more. Kinda like what a more discriminating editor would have done before issuing an RFP for blasphemous cartoons, but I digress…

I did post a photo of my dog.

I did expect to be a needle in a haystack, even if the initial haystack was small. Photos of myself, of course, would mean that my needle would be about as subtle as the Space Needle in a haystack.

Now (ok, for at least 4 years) there’s the self-named blogosphere, and it seems as though anything goes. Perhaps having more women on the Web whose careers do not involve mass marketing of their gyn exam photos has changed some of this, but there is this confessional aspect that is a bit awkward. I see parallels also with the US phenom of talk radio and confessional TV – no listening all talk. Maybe it’s because I have no comments.

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Gimme some kinda sign, girl

Years of travel to new cities has forced me to come up with ways to evaluate restaurants for the likelihood of good food and no vegetarian antipathy. I have a theory which has been successfully applied in places as diverse as Custer, SD, and most recently, Mandelieu La Napoule. I always look for the font used in the signage, along with any artistic embellishments in signage.

Last week, we hit the jackpot with a restaurant called “La Pomme d’amour” (the love apple is a synonym for a tomato). It was a challenge to my usual theory, as it had two signs (a gorgeous one over the door, a forgettable shingle on the perpendicular), and menus illustrated with clearly uncharming cartoon fish and no specific veggie items. But the transom sign was utterly beautiful – some sort of metal work that created letters with the same delicacy and irregular borders of letters written with a fountain pen on thirsty paper.

It was the best food I had all week. Of particular note was the coffee ice cream with espresso-chocolate bits. Perfect texture, and capable of keeping one awake for hours.

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from glace cafe to mustard on rice

this was my descent in the last 48 hours from my stay in Mandelieu-la-Napoule. A fine dinner, where good cheese is always an option for dessert; a too-late noisette; 3 50cl bottles of Badoit, then 16 hours or so of airplane/airport/airplane food (sole victory there was being mistaken for real Dutch at Schipol for my pronunciation of kaasbroodje). Then this evening, after a day with my much missed son, I saw my husband put 3 tbsp of dijon mustard on a bowl of cold jasmine rice, along with some brown TJ salad dressing. I wondered when I would be able to return to France.

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goodbye sunshine and wine at lunch

Landed in Seattle 30 hours ago, and met my husband and son. Luckily, the son did not forget me, and we have spent nearly all that time together. More on food reflections tomorrow.

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3 hours and counting….

The entry of La Bauta is spotlit garish red, and the Mandelieu locals line up starting at midnight. At 2am, the music changes from 70’s era disco to Gasolina, Gasolina, then some new madonna that brings back the best of the 70’s era disco vibe. I’ve spent the week away from home in France, missing my son and husband, and consoling myself with slices of tropezienne inbetween 3 squares. I’ll post some food and culchah observations after I land.


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Pull up a chair and make yourself at home

When I’m away from the keyboard, I gravitate towards things not immediately associated with bits. Atoms! Atoms! (there’s a lifelong battle at home with Mr. Bits.) If only our kitchen were a little larger, I’d probably set up my desk and speakerphone right there. That’s what wireless was made for, right?

Twelve years ago, Anne Salemme and I were brainstorming about ways to merge good cooking with the Web, or with IT in general. The “Cookin’ and Computin’ ” pilot for Somerville Cable Access Television never quite materialized, but it was a hoot imagining our guests and the test kitchen rap session.

Nine years ago, I proposed a content module for my then employer (beware the pop-ups) called The Kitchenette, which had general references for the bare bones beginner’s kitchen. Not long after I left, my former workplace was acquired. A year or so after that, the acquirer was acquired. Other than the announcement itself, the online content is gone.

Ultimately, what we were after was a friendly place for geeks who like cooking, and don’t feel the need to compete with others.

Now, thanks to charming and relentless pressure from Tantek at the W3C Technical plenary this week, I decided to take my love of good food to the blogosphere.
So pull up a chair and make yourself at home; you’re at the kitchen table.

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